Project Type
2D, Explainer, Social Media
Designer, Animator, Art Director

The Context

WithOthers was an early stage startup (founded by former SoFar Sounds members) creating an “impact events” platform where artists and fans could organize shows that directly support non-profits of their choice. They came to SocialQ Agency for ongoing social media content support, which included a series of explainer style videos to support their public beta launch.

The Process

WithOthers came to us with a great brand guidelines system, but little-to-no experience using it in practice. As such, I had the pleasure of being able to push the design style and experiment with the branding over the course of a few months as we established their social media presence.

By the time the public beta launch was ready and in need of accompanying explainer videos, I had evolved the brand’s style into a difficult, yet rewarding sweet spot: a style that balanced the progressive, editorial, activist side of the brand with the contemporary-tech company, Web 3 side that was inherent to their product.

I introduced bright gradients and UI-style iconography, pairing it with a cut-out, collage style animation. Notably, I chose to add texture and posterization to most video content to keep the authentic, grass-roots feel of the brand running throughout.

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Outcomes & Takeaways

We saw significant boosts in engagement after posting the public beta explainer videos (and even had people DMing us about our great videos). This was encouraging, since the explainers were the culmination of my work furthering the brand’s design and animation style. I performed copious video editing for social–with light VFX or animation overlays–on bi-weekly event footage, which was a fun change of workflow-scenery.

Unfortunately WithOthers was unable to get past it’s pre-seed funding round. However, it was one of my favorite long-term projects to work on, and left me feeling incredibly inspired. I was energized by the potential for design and technology to create real social good and reassured by the success the events had during its short trial run amongst the Los Angeles community.


Agency SocialQ | Strategy Leads Thomas Soares, Colin Athens | Creative & Art Director Mathew Martini | Design & Animation Mathew Martini


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