Project Type
2D, UI/UX Animation
Director, Designer, Animator

The Context

Hoomano needed a landing page animation to help customers better understand what their flagship AI assistant product, Mojodex, does. The animation needed to be flashy, yet informative; clean and professional, yet infused with personality. Of course, the video also needed to be as lightweight as possible for optimal performance.

See it in action here.

The Process

After lots of user testing with the Mojodex app and web app, as well as studying the UX flows in Figma, I created a concise and simplified storyboard that would demonstrate the key functionalities of the product in ~20 seconds.

With this project came the need for additional brand design, as the current design system was underdeveloped for a modern, competitive tech brand. I worked with key company stakeholders to further develop the brand’s look and feel that would carry on into future design creative. We opted for a lightly neumorphic style in order to ground the complex concept of an AI assistant in the real world (while not going so far as to reach unsettling territory with an AI avatar or character). I explored different secondary colors to pair with the existing brand blue during the storyboarding process – eventually settling on a salmon red that would pop via contrast with the blue and evoke feelings of liveliness, zest, and exuberance in association with Mojodex.

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Outcomes & Takeaways

With a clean and impactful animation the Mojodex landing page was brought to life and optimized for higher conversion rates. Creating the right file type and size for the animation was a challenge – we needed something small but high enough quality to support organic gradients and subtle drop-shadows. With tools like Lottie & Rive out of the question given the nature of the designs and animation, I settled on using a WebM file, with a half-res, backup MP4 file that could be loaded on older browsers without WebM support. This project was a great exercise in working with limits, and gave me a greater understanding of the various web-optimized options for animation & video.


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