Project Type
Brand Film, Compilation
Director, Animator, Writer

The Context

The 5 year mark is an important milestone for any business. Having reached this milestone, the boutique marketing agency SocialQ needed an engaging video to both celebrate their maturation and accomplishments, while also continuing to establish the brand’s evolving personality.

The Process

We started by nailing down the perfect script. There is a lot to say about SocialQ’s unconventional origin story, so the founders and I worked to devise a script that was concise and punchy, yet still heartfelt. With the script (mostly) finalized I got to work designing the varying scenes. My goal was to touch on a multitude of design styles in order to convey the agency’s range (which manifests both in style and clientele) while also maintaining a fun and playful tone given the celebratory context of the video.

For the compilation “b-section” of the video, I wanted its presentation to differentiate from a standard, annual showreel. To achieve this I opted for a consistent use of borders and mattes to frame the content.

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Outcomes & Takeaways

The video was showcased at live events and deployed across all digital channels to help depict SocialQ Agency’s story and market its abilities. It continues to live on the agency's website as well.


Agency SocialQ | Producer Austin Addison | Strategy Lead Thomas Soares | Creative Director Mathew Martini | Design Mathew Martini, Sweta Patel | Animation Mathew Martini | Sound Design Mathew Martini


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